Fire Stopping

Fire stopping, also referred to as fire stop, is the use of fire barriers and fire rated rooms that work to contain fires for a set period of time. A requirement of this passive fire protection system is the sealing of gaps (i.e. power outlets, ducting, etc.) with fire rated barriers to assist in containing the spread of fires.


Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection includes the usage of fire stops and other non “active” fire protection designs such as alarms and sprinklers. Passive fire protection relies on clever spatial design and the use of fire-resistant materials to improve the fire integrity of a building and/or room.

Fire Protection Engineers

THE DESIGNFIRE are experienced fire protection engineers. We provide comprehensive fire reports relating to active fire protection and passive fire protection engineering. If you are undertaking a residential, commercial or industrial project – contact our fire engineering team today. We have extensive experience with the New Zealand building code and strong relationships with local councils to enhance the success of your building project.

Fire Report

Whether you are looking for passive fire protection, active fire protection or emergency lighting for your next building project, the team at THE DESIGNFIRE can help. Our skilled fire engineer reports follow the Acceptable Solution Method that is specified in the NZ Building Code to speed up the consultation and consenting process. Get in touch with THE DESIGNFIRE today!