Accessibility Report

Improve the accessibility of your design or existing premises with an accessibility report from THE DESIGNFIRE. With the growing awareness around disabilities and persons with disabilities an accessibility report will help you improve your new or existing design and comply with building consent requirements.


What is an accessibility report?

As the name implies an accessibility report is an evaluation of the facilities of a premises to promote an environment that is usable, practical and relevant to as many individuals as possible. This requirement is becoming increasingly commonplace as awareness of disabilities and persons with disabilities grows. 

Accessibility Standards

Common areas covered as part of assessing a building according to accessibility standards relate to car parking, signs, restroom dimensions, size of doorways and choice of surface materials. These standards seek to create an environment that is accessible and relevant to all individuals and especially those with disabilities. 

New Design

Accessibility reports promote the participation of all individuals in society. More than ever councils are requiring an accessibility report as part of the building consenting process. It is therefore essential that project stakeholders are aware of and incorporate accessibility standards into their design prior to the consent application.An accessibility report from THE DESIGNFIRE can ensure that your building project meets accessibility standards and address any issues before they become a problem.

Existing Design

A large number of existing buildings do not meet accessibility standards. An accessibility report for existing building design will identify the gaps to be addressed in order to comply with accessibility standards. The detailed assessment will allow effective decisions to be made as to what amendments and steps can be taken to reach a satisfactory outcome. 

Accessibility Reports From THE DESIGNFIRE


Speak to us today to get or enquire about our accessibility report. Our accessibility report can provide you with a comprehensive picture of the accessibility requirements of your new or existing building design.