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Helping With Your Commercial, Residential Development and Renovation Projects

Do you have a commercial or development project in mind but don’t know where to start?

The first steps are to find out if your design proposal will be compliant with council regulations. This is where THE DESIGNFIRE can help – this is our speciality as building and fire compliance experts.

We can provide an initial development assessment for your building project for FREE – with no obligation to proceed further.

With THE DESIGNFIRE, you will get our full support and personal service, all the way from concept to project completion and sign-off.

Simply fill in the information below, and one of our consultants will come back to you with a professional feasibility report in 5 working days.

In addition to this free service, we can also provide a simple bulk and location plan a cost basis.

From as little as $1500+GST, you can get expert design input to understand potential options of how a site can be developed – not just for council compliance but also for financial viability. If you wish to proceed with this extra offer, please feel free to request this additional service in the ‘Contact Information’ section on the form provided below. 


One of our consultants will come back to you with your FREE feasibility report in 5 working days.

*No obligation to proceed further.

We allocated up to 30 minutes to review and provide a report. If there is a whole lot of information in the property file, we may not be able to review all the information.

For extension and development proposal, it is often not possible to provide feasibility implication without bulk and location drawing study.  If we need to provide bulk and location drawings to determine feasibility, we will then advise you before finalising the feasibility study. The bulk and location drawing study is chargeable work.

our clients

I gave Louie and Rayan a very challenging brief to develop townhouses on a narrow/forked L-shaped piece of land that was previously occupied by a single house and was very impressed by their work. They developed a modern design in tight timeframes that was able to comply with all height to boundary requirements and fitted in one more bedroom than our initial estimate. I can highly recommend Louie, Ryan, and the The Designfire team.

“The Designfire provide a quality, timely and cost effective service. Happy to recommend. Used them for more than 14 designs and will be starting more shortly. Louie Kang and Sean Xu are great to work with.” —Alexander Hempstock

“The Designfire and their Team of various expertise helped us to complete our Complex commercial building, involving multi tenancy occupancy. The Designfire team came up with resolution which was cost effective and workable. Without The Designfire we would have difficult time completing it.”

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