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Find out if your building proposal is feasible for planning and building compliance, completely FREE.

Do you have a commercial or development project in mind but don’t know where to start?

The first steps are to find out if your proposal is compliant with council regulations and how much density you can develop. This is where THE DESIGNFIRE can help – this is our speciality.

We are building and fire compliance experts. We can provide an initial development assessment for your building project for FREE – with no obligation to proceed further.

With THE DESIGNFIRE, you will get our full support and personal service, all the way from idea to project completion and sign-off.

Simply fill in the information below and our consultants will come back to you with a professional feasibility report in 4-5 days.

In addition to this free service, for development projects, we also understand that it can be hard for laypeople to visualise what can be possible with the site. In which case, we can also provide a simple bulk & location plan at cost basis. For as little as 300+GST, you get a fully considered expert design input to see the possibility of how the site can be optimised, not just for compliance but also for economic viability.  Should you wish to proceed with this offer,  please feel free to request this additional service in the ‘Contact Information’ section on the forms provided below.

For example: Like this.

For other small or straight-forward building projects, feel free to try our other INSTANT FEE ESTIMATE calculator services here: Commercial fit-out, Recladding, Alteration.



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