Fire Report

Obtain your fire report for a comprehensive building fire safety design specification that complies with the New Zealand Building Code. The fire report will be unique to your building and the intended use of the premises. Save time and money with a Fire Report from THE DESIGNFIRE. that adheres to the Acceptable Solution outlined in the New Zealand Building Code.


Fire Report for Building Consent

Get a detailed fire engineering report from THE DESIGNFIRE as part of your building consent application. Our fire engineers have in-depth knowledge of New Zealand fire regulations and the New Zealand Building Code. With years of experience working with local councils, we provide effective and streamlined assistance in navigating the building consent process.

Industrial Fire Protection

Probably the setting that is at greatest risk of a fire are industrial buildings. This is due to the nature of the work that is conducted in such premises. These sites tend to have heavy machinery, materials and traffic that contribute to an environment where the risk of a fire is high. This is why it is important that an industrial fire report is customised specifically for the building and nature of work that takes place on the premises.

Commercial Fire Protection

Commercial fire protection requirements can vary from tall multi storey buildings to expansive retail complexes. As such the fire report will need to address the exacting requirements of each commercial setting uniquely.

Residential Fire Protection

The importance of fire protection cannot be understated  with the prevalence of higher density residential developments in large New Zealand urban centers such as in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. With greater urban residential intensification there is a corresponding increase in risk of fires and its spread. This has created a need for more bespoke residential fire reports as buildings can range from tracts of townhouses to multi-level apartment blocks. 

Passive Fire Protection Report

Passive fire protection is an effective method of controlling and responding to fire incidents. A passive fire protection engineer will, as part of their fire report, employ passive fire approaches such as the use of fireproof materials (sometimes called fire stopping) as well as the sealing of any gaps between rooms to slow down the spread of fire and smoke. Contact THE DESIGNFIRE team today for a fire report. Our highly experienced fire engineering team have strong understanding of the New Zealand Building Code and the requirements of New Zealand Councils to enable your project to proceed safely and efficiently.

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