Commercial Building Design Plans

THE DESIGNFIRE team are skilled in all aspects of commercial building design. From conceptualisation to planning, fire safety and consent. We provide a comprehensive service that will allow your project to proceed smoothly.

Our team has a strong compliance and fire engineering background while our relationships with relevant stakeholders allows us to benefit from unique efficiencies. Save time and reduce costs by benefiting from our extensive industry knowledge and experience.


Commercial Property Architect

Transform your commercial building or lot into a desirable and viable development with the assistance of our commercial property architects. We have an in-depth understanding of modern commercial property design and its associated compliance requirements to achieve stunning and cost-effective results. 

Multi Storey Building Design

We understand the challenges that come with the scale of commercial multi storey building design. Our team has years of experience to call upon in multi storey building design in projects as varied as schools to large office complexes. 

Commercial Building Development

If you are interested in commercial development, let us know and we can help you with your next commercial building development. Our team of commercial development experts include architects, fire engineers and compliance specialists. We have a firm understanding of everything from regulatory requirements down to the building processes and materials that enable your commercial project to progress smoothly and efficiently. 

THE DESIGNFIRE team provides creative design solutions to meet challenging specifications and requirements. Speak to us today to find out how we can help with your commercial building design plans. 

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commercial architecture work

We’re proud of our portfolio of commercial architecture.

THE DESIGNFIRE team of experienced and highly skilled commercial architects and fire prevention engineers have provided numerous clients with unique architectural design solutions.

Some of our recent commercial architectural projects are shown below. Please get in touch with us to see more.