Passive Fire Protection

Effective passive fire protection design assists in minimising the spread and risks associated with fire and smoke. Passive fire protection involves the incorporation of fire resistant materials as well as spatial design to enhance the fire integrity of a room and/or building. This is different from “active” fire protection systems such as sprinklers and alarms that are triggered when a fire is present. 

Our fire engineering consultants have an in-depth knowledge of passive fire protection design and  the latest fire regulations from the New Zealand building code.


Passive Fire Engineer

THE DESIGNFIRE are a team of experienced fire engineers who specialise in both passive and active fire protection systems. Passive fire protection is the inverse of active fire protection. Whereas active fire protections systems are reliant on a trigger (i.e. sprinklers), passive fire protection systems are not dependant on a trigger rather they innately work due to their fire stopping or fire proofing properties (i.e. a fire stopping door that slows down the spread of fire). If you are in need of active or passive fire protection systems, please speak to our team for a comprehensive fire report.

Active and Passive Fire Protection

Active fire protections systems refer to solutions such as smoke detectors and sprinklers. They rely on manual and/or automatic triggers to work. This is in contrast to passive fire protection systems that do not require any triggering in order for them to work (i.e. the use of fire resistant materials in construction).   

Fire Stopping / Fire Stop Passive Fire Protection 

Fire stopping, or fire stop, refers to the use of fire rated rooms and barriers that assist in the containment of fires for a specified period of time. This element of passive fire protection design requires all potential gaps (.i.e ducting, power outlets, etc.) to be sealed with fire rated barriers to effectively contain the spread of a fire.The DesignFire has extensive experience working with councils and suppliers to design effective passive fire protection solutions utilising compliant fire stopping systems.

Active Fire Protection

The DesignFire are also specialists in “active” fire protection design. We have extensive experience in integrating compliant fire protection design with industrial, commercial and residential building design. Our emergency lighting engineer can also assist in the area of emergency lighting for building consent submissions when this is required as part of our fire engineering consulting service.

Fire Report

Our fire reports are prepared under the Acceptable Solution Method as specified in the New Zealand building code. This creates efficiencies in the consenting and consultation process that assists to reduce overall costs. 

The Leader Amongst Passive Fire Protection Companies

The DESIGNFIRE is a leader amongst passive fire protection companies. Our strength is in our in-depth understanding of New Zealand passive fire protection standards. This enables our skilled fire engineers to provide comprehensive and timely solutions from the beginning to provide you with an accurate picture of the costs and challenges at every stage of the project.

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