Industrial Fire Protection

Industrial work environments are among the most dangerous workplace settings due to the myriad of threats faced by workers. Fires are a major threat due to the vast amounts of machinery, temperatures, materials and individuals present in industrial settings. Although the dangers are often perceived as unavoidable due to the nature of the work involved, they can be mitigated through effective fire protection measures. We have outlined some of these fire protection measures below:

Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection includes the usage of fire stops and other non “active” fire protection designs such as alarms and sprinklers. Passive fire protection relies on clever spatial design and the use of fire-resistant materials to improve the fire integrity of a building and/or room. THE DESIGNFIRE are a team of fire safety engineers who are experts in the field of passive fire protection especially as it relates to the New Zealand Building Code and local council requirements. If you own or are intending to undertake a new industrial or commercial project you can reach out to our industrial fire protection engineering team today for more information.

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Fire Stopping

Fire Stopping is the act of utilising fire rated rooms and fire barriers to contain the fires within a specific setting for a given period of time. A key component of this passive fire protection methodology is the sealing of any gaps (e.g. doorways, ducting and power outlets) through the use of fire rate barriers. Furthermore, Fire Stopping also involves the use of intelligent spatial design to hinder the speed at which fires spread. These simple yet effective approaches can assist in the containment of fires thereby slowing the speed at which it can spread.

Fire Alarms and Sprinklers

The usage of active fire protection systems such as Fire Alarms and Sprinklers are perhaps the most common and identifiable industrial fire protection systems as they are also employed in commercial and residential buildings. 

Fire Report

The first step of any industrial fire protection process is to complete a comprehensive fire report. THE DESIGNFIRE. adheres to the Acceptable Solution Method as specified in the NZ Building Code. This allows for a faster consultation process to save you both time and money. Speak to us today for effective industrial fire protection.