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Dental Studio fit out, Corinthian Drive

We're excited to share our recent experience in designing a dental practice fit-out in heart of Albany, Auckland.
Project Snapshot
Year Completed: 2023
Location: 55 Corinthian Drive, Albany, Auckland
Professional Service/s: Interior design / Fire engineering

Crafting Excellence in Fire Safety and Design

Located in the heart of Albany at 55 Corinthian Drive, THE DESIGNFIRE Architects proudly presents their latest masterpiece: a high-end operating facility for DBS Dental Clinic. Located on the ground floor of the brand-new BNZ building, this clinic is a testament to the seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality.

The BNZ building spans four levels and houses a diverse mix of office spaces, food and beverage outlets, and retail stores. It also has a five-level car parking structure with a unique circular access ramp on its eastern side.



Inside the DBS Dental Clinic

Spanning a generous 420 m², the clinic is meticulously designed to cater to every dental need. It boasts:

  • 6 general dental studios
  • 2 specialized general anaesthesia studios (GA rooms)
  • Pre-GA rooms
  • A welcoming customer waiting area
  • Counters
  • A dedicated staff area
  • Essential sanitary and ablution spaces

Challenges and Triumphs in Fire Safety

The introduction of General Anaesthesia operation rooms posed a unique challenge. Patients under anaesthesia have limited mobility, necessitating staff assistance for evacuation during emergencies. Typically, such facilities mandate sprinkler protection, adding complexity to fire safety design. Fortunately, the BNZ building was already equipped with sprinkler systems. However, the introduction of GA rooms marked a significant change in the building’s use. This necessitated a thorough re-evaluation of the existing fire egress provisions.

To enhance safety, THE DESIGNFIRE Architects introduced an additional fire exit door leading directly outside the anaesthesia rooms. Furthermore, several fire-resistant walls and doors were strategically placed to meet the heightened safety requirements.

Thanks to THE DESIGNFIRE’s fire safety and compliance expertise, these critical modifications were identified and incorporated right from the project’s inception, ensuring a smooth and surprise-free process.

Aesthetic Brilliance

The clinic’s interior is a symphony of natural hues and minimalist design. It’s a purpose-driven space where modern design meets practicality. The DESIGNFIRE team has masterfully integrated the contemporary allure of the BNZ building, creating a welcoming environment for patients. The emphasis is on clean lines, calming colour schemes, and cutting-edge equipment. This harmonious blend has birthed an ambience that truly revolutionizes the dental care experience.

At THE DESIGNFIRE Architects, we pride ourselves on our ability to merge safety, functionality, and beauty. The DBS Dental Clinic is a testament to our commitment to excellence in every project we undertake.




The DesignFire's been great from the start to work with. We had somewhat unique requirements, and they were very helpful in turning our dream into a reality.
It is just as we imagined. It is just as we imagined. Aside from the delays that were out of anyone's control, they've been very prompt in their communications and target timelines. They provided sound advice that made practical sense and gave multiple alternative, compromise solutions so that we could decide the best way forward before proceeding. 100 Percent. They've been awesome to work with, and I will recommend them to anyone to have a chat with them. It will be worth your time.
Peter Kim
DBS Dental Studio
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