Multi-Unit Residential / Fire Engineering

Multistorey Apartment Development, Sunnyfield Crescent

Brand new apartments in 6 Sunnyfield Crescent, Glenfield.
Project Snapshot
Year Completed: Consent Processing
Location: 6 Sunnyfield Crescent, Glenfield, Auckland
Professional Service/s: Resource Consent, Building Consent, Fire Engineering, Passive Fire Design
Size:Site Area: 814m², Gross Floor Area: 1320m2

Close to the Glenfield Shopping Mall, The site is under Residential – Terrace Housing and Apartment Building Zone with convenient traffic accessibility. To get the best return on investment, THE DESIGNFIRE apartment architects designed high-density apartments with 4 stories height, 16 units.

These apartment units are designed with fresh ideas and thoughts. We have fit in 3 different unit types, and the building have a Dual-key unit(two studio combined in one title with their own kitchen in each studio), a two-bedroom unit and a skip-floor unit. The client wants this project to meet the different needs of people and also wants to see how well this multistorey apartment will work in the market.


In Detail
4 Dual-Key units contain two 30m² studio in each unit with a shared entry lobby. They can either be rented out separately or self-occupied.
4 Two-bedroom unit with around 54m² floor area.
8 skip-floor units with internal stairs separate the activity area and sleep area.
The big opening and balcony in the front fascia creates an attractive frontage visible from the street.

The project is now in the resource consent stage. The feedback from the council is very positive and we cannot wait for the stage 2 development of this multistorey apartment design.

Trying to find an Auckland apartment architect?

THE DESIGNFIRE are specialists in apartment design and development. We complement our talented team of residential architects with an in-house team of fire engineers and compliance experts.

Speak to us today to find out how we can help. We are located in the North Shore at 34a Constellation Drive, Rosedale, Auckland.


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