Raise a glass to Ryan’s 10th anniversary

18 Jul, 2023 |

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We have an exciting reason to celebrate! We are commemorating a decade-long journey with Ryan, our unwavering Technical Director who has been integral to Casa Consulting Group since its inception.

Starting from modest beginnings, our office was small but filled with vibrant energy and big dreams. Ryan, with his technical prowess and now 20 years’ experience in the New Zealand construction industry, was pivotal in propelling us forward.

Currently, Ryan devotes much of his time to the captivating realm of passive fire design, an area where his expertise truly shines. He seamlessly integrates fire design systems in commercial projects, offering valuable guidance to our team, consultants, and clients alike.Beyond his professional life, Ryan is a dedicated father of two, a coffee connoisseur, and an enthusiastic golfer. His love for art and technology finds a fitting blend in his architectural work, where he continually draws inspiration from magnificent buildings, nature, and his personal relationships.

We would like to take this moment to acknowledge Ryan’s immense contributions to our company. He is not only a pillar of our practice but also a trusted advisor for our clients and an invaluable mentor within our team.

So, let’s toast to Ryan and his decade of outstanding service, and look forward to many more years of innovation, growth, and success together.


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