Farewell 2023

14 Dec, 2023 |

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End-of-Year Highlights at Takapuna! Our dinner at the beachfront restaurant was filled with laughter, reflection, and optimism. Here's to a year of challenges, achievements, and the unbreakable spirit of our team!

At our end-of-year dinner in a Takapuna beachfront restaurant, we gathered to celebrate the year’s end and embrace significant team transitions. This event was more than a mere celebration; it symbolized a pivotal shift for our team.

The evening was tinged with mixed emotions as we bid farewell to Alice, our team’s cornerstone, whose dedication significantly contributed to our success. As Alice embarked on her new career journey in Korea, we celebrated her invaluable contributions. In the same vein of change, we welcomed Karen Kwon as our new administrator. Karen, stepping into Alice’s role, brought a new energy and perspective, marking the beginning of an exciting chapter for our team.

We also took a moment to remember Chloe, whose departure was a notable loss for us. Her contributions were fondly recalled, and we expressed our best wishes for her future endeavors. Adding to the evening’s charm was Paul, our interior designer whose presence enriched our interactions. His insights and conversations, ranging from light-hearted to profound, added depth and enjoyment to the gathering.

The dinner was a delightful affair, filled with laughter and shared stories, reinforcing the strong bonds within our team. It was a collective expression of gratitude for the experiences of the past year, celebrating our journey together. The event was not just about farewells and welcomes but also a testament to the importance of each team member’s contribution and our collective strength.

We concluded the dinner with a toast, honoring the hard work, dedication, and resilience of our team throughout the year. It was a moment of recognition for our challenges and achievements, filled with optimism and excitement for the year ahead.

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