Multi-unit residential

Terrace House Development

Terrace House Development, Birkenhead
Project Snapshot
Year Completed: 2022
Location: Birkenhead
Professional Service/s: Concept Design, Resource Consent, Building Consent, Fire Report, Passive Fire Design


THE DESIGNFIRE was commissioned by a client to design a multi-unit terrace house at 36 City View Terrace, Birkenhead. The client’s goals were to maximise the development and get the best return on investment within this mixed housing urban zone. We were able to design eight units within the 789m² site area.


It was a challenge to fit eight three-storey units in the site area, as we infringed on some of the unitary plan rules. However, with the joint efforts of us and the planner, the resource consent application went well, and we promptly got approval from the council. We had an online meeting with the council planner and the urban designer, to negotiate how we can meet their requirements while minimising changes to our design. All of this was possible with an in-depth understanding of the planning requirements.

In Detail

Eight units were designed in total, which were all three-storeys with a single garage on the ground floor. An open plan living area takes up the first floor, with bedrooms on the top floor and roof space in the attic. Ensuring all the space was utilised, ultimately providing an eco-friendly, healthy residential environment.

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