Recladding / Alteration

Re-cladding of house, Beach Road

House recladding project at Beach Road.
Project Snapshot
Year Completed: 2018
Location: 839 Beach Road, Browns Bay
Professional Service/s: Building Consent



Many sites of Beach Road boast a great Seaview being on higher ground. That also means the site is heavily sloped with large engineering foundation structure. This posed a significant compliance issue when our client bought this house for complete renovation and re-cladding.

The site and the building had some tricky issues. The building did not have CCC due to the private certifier gone burst at the time of the original build. To further complicate the issues, PS4 for structural and Geotech was not obtained at the time. As the structure and Geotech part of the building is such a major part of the construction, they are usually not easy to rectify if there is a problem.



THE DESIGNFIRE tackled this issue with working with our close working geotechnical and structural engineers to a successful resolution.

The old house design reflected the favoured design language of that era – fake masonry look, use of parapets. Re-design options for the exterior of the house were explored firstly to reduce the weather-tightness risk secondly to modernise the property to update to current trends.

Another main issue was that due to the existing building height over three storey on a steel site. Design options were limited due to that the existing house already very close to the maximum height limit of the site. A very careful concept and detailing approach was required to ensure the house is weathertight, and it also looks highly modern.

THE DESIGNFIRE managed to obtain CCC for both the new structure as well as existing structure successfully.


In Detail

Because THE DESIGNFIRE completed such many re-cladding projects in recent years in a highly competent manner, the council officers themselves recommended THE DESIGNFIRE to our client to tackling these re-cladding projects.

THE DESIGNFIRE worked on a few of highly complicated junction details in a timely manner. This allowed the construction progressed smoothly and efficiently.



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THE DESIGNFIRE is always friendly and easy to communicate, while at the same time being professional.
They seek to find the best solution for the obstacles we meet on-site, and this comes from their wealth of knowledge from different construction experiences. Not just that they are on time and on budget, they provide good planning and detailing which results in less hassle for the builder and contractors as well. Preparations can be made well before each stage thanks to sufficient information provided on the plans.
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