Xiaolongkan Restaurant, Commercial Development

9 Dec, 2020 |

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Chinese Restaurant outlet Xiaolongkan on Great South Road, Ellerslie

Project Snapshot

Year Completed: 2020

Location: Building 8/666 Great South Road, Ellerslie

Site Area: 2.3732ha

Gross Floor Area: 466.56m2


Xiaolongkan Restaurant in Ellerslie has been created with the drive to bring Chinese culture and dining to central Auckland.

The restaurant is designed with imported materials and décor from China to ensure there was traditionally refined Chinese atmosphere, right in Central Auckland.

This project was an award winner in the New Zealand Commercial Projects Awards 2020.


The site is located close to Cornwall Park, in walking distance to Ellerslie town centre and Mt Smart Stadium, and close to the motorway exit onto State Highway 1.

With a focus on using traditional Chinese Architecture elements such as stone wall decorations, bricks and woods. These design elements are an addition as to why NCA Group Ltd and Unique Construction brought on Louie Kang as the Fire and Compliance Consultant.

THE DESIGNFIRE approach of functional – attractive – safe, resulted in creating a space that allows customers to enjoy an authentic Chinese dining experience that is safe.

The final design is a blend of the unique traditional elements of Chinese Architecture, from the layout to the design details to the safety and functionality. Here is a snapshot of the key features of this design:

  • 56 square metered restaurant that reflects Traditional Chinese Architecture.
  • Large Restaurant area
  • Sourced Materials that have been adapted to New Zealand regulations and standards.
  • Bespoke interior design that is earthquake-resistant.

In Detail

This was a project like no other, with the care and consideration from the three teams who worked on the build to ensure it was standing up to the client’s visions.

The biggest challenge for this project was ensuring that the traditional craft skills and pieces imported were up to the New Zealand regulations and standards. This meant there was a lot more work that needed to be done locally, as the building team rarely used glue or nails. In the end, with Louie Kang’s compliancy knowledge, the project was completed in accordance with regulations while still maintaining the traditional Chinese build ways.

THE DESIGNFIRE team understood that there was a drive to create an authentic Chinese restaurant that was safe, functional and well designed.

This design was true to Chinese Architecture – right down to the way timber is utilised to achieve the desired finish. Traditionally, mortise and tenon joints are used in Chinese Architecture. This tradition was continued through with this build even though it is time-consuming and costly.


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