Warehouse racking implication – Racking tunnels

15 Aug, 2023 |

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Warehouse racking systems are ubiquitous in the modern logistics industry. They are essential for the efficient storage and movement of goods in a warehouse. However, during installation, it is important to consider fire safety and ensure that the racking design does not compromise fire egress or hose run.

Safety Considerations during Installation
One of the critical components of fire safety in a warehouse is fire egress. Fire egress is a term used to describe the process of evacuating people and equipment from a building in the event of a fire. In a warehouse, this can be a complex process due to the size of the building, the number of people and equipment involved, and the presence of racking systems.

The racking tunnel is a common feature of warehouse racking systems. It is a cross-aisle that goes right through the racking system, designed for the efficient movement of people working in the warehouse while allowing more storage space. However, it may cause issues in the event of a fire. The racking tunnel is often not considered safe to use as a fire egress or hose run because there is a chance that the racking may fail while evacuees or firefighters are within the tunnel or the racking may fail and cut off the water supply.

Therefore, Fire safety requirements need to be considered thoroughly to determine if the racking tunnel is to form part of the egress route or hose run or not. The current or proposed fire alarm type must comply, and the hose run distance should not exceed 75m – this is from the fire truck to all parts of the building. If the proposed racking layout affects the fire egress or hose run distance due to the presence of a racking tunnel, it may also affect the fire alarm system and/or fire hydrant system requirements.

DESIGNFIRE: Prioritizing Early Fire Safety Solutions
It is crucial to ensure that the racking design does not compromise fire safety. THE DESIGNFIRE ensures that racking tunnel issues are identified in the early stages of the project to minimize delays and costs that may arise in the future. We work closely with our clients and other consultants to ensure that the racking design is optimized for fire safety and compliance with building regulations.

In conclusion, warehouse racking system installation is an important aspect of warehouse operations that must be done with consideration for fire safety. The racking design must not compromise fire egress, the fire alarm system, or the fire hydrant system, and compliance with building regulations must be ensured.

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