THE DESIGNFIRE now fully occupied!

24 Jan, 2022 |

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After a month of preparation, the main floor of our new office space is finally ready for us to occupy.

While the main floor has been under construction, we have been working out of the small basement area of our building. This was unexpected as lockdown brought on some delays when sourcing materials and getting trades in during this period.

Working from the basement was made possible as most of the team worked from home, but as time went on, communication became difficult, and ultimately working over zoom is no substitute for the atmosphere being in the office together brings and we began to miss working together.

Last year in December, we reached an exciting milestone as the finishing touches were applied to our main floor renovations.

While making the space functional it was also just as important for us to ensure the office was a fun and enjoyable space for everyone, leading to discussions amongst the whole team on how we could achieve this. Firstly, we introduced a music system in the office, providing background music, controlled from our front desk, where anyone can have their say on what music is played.

We also introduced a breakout room in the front area of the office, over the usual back corner, allowing everyone to enjoy the brightest corner of the office with a bar area, tables and screens to utilise while taking a break. However, to keep the area clean and presentable, we created a second staff area – a working bench at the back of the office which has the privacy to be a messy area.

At the last minute, we re-arranged the space to incorporate table tennis, providing us with a space where we can gather for some fun, competitive gameplay. This was exciting especially since our work is static, the team wanted an active set-up for a team activity rather than something like video games.

The feedback from the team has been very positive, and we feel more energized working back in the office together, exciting us for the future projects we are working on for our clients.

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