Smart Supermarket, Botany Downs

11 May, 2023 |

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Smart Supermarket Botany Downs is now open. 

THE DESIGNFIRE is delighted to have the opportunity to serve as the Lead Fire Engineer for this remarkable supermarket fitout project. Collaborating closely with NCA Consulting, the principal architect for the building, has been an absolute pleasure, and we are thrilled with the final outcome. Our partnership with NCA spans an impressive 12-year history and we like working with them for their dedication to beautiful and functional spaces.


The existing site posed a unique challenge as it consisted of two separate tenant spaces that needed to be seamlessly merged into a single, expansive area. Additionally, the design take involves with integrating the two distinct shop front designs into a cohesive aesthetic.


The client presented us with an ambitious brief: to create one of the most visually stunning supermarkets in New Zealand, catering to both domestic and Asian products. Retaining the Smart brand identity was of utmost importance, and it is achieved this by incorporating the company’s unique brand colour throughout the design. Furthermore, we collaborated on advising compliance implication implementing simple yet impactful design elements such as timber slats and white gib boards as overhead features, harmonizing the various display systems.


By working closely with NCA Consulting and the client, we were able to bring this vision to life, resulting in a truly aesthetically pleasing and functional space. The integration of fire safety measures seamlessly into the design ensures that the supermarket meets all necessary compliance standards without compromising its visual appeal.


We take pride in our role as the project fire engineer, contributing to the success of this prominent supermarket fitout. The collaboration and synergy between all parties involved have been instrumental in achieving such an outstanding outcome. We look forward to future opportunities to work on projects that prioritize both safety and design excellence.



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