Exciting Progress on Coca-Cola’s Railway Extension Project

8 Jul, 2024 |

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Last Thursday, Sean, our senior lead designer, and Louie, the project director, had the privilege of attending the roof shout for the railway extension project we designed for Mount Wellington’s main Coca-Cola plant. We are thrilled to report that the construction is now approximately 80% complete.

Although the project’s scale was relatively modest, it presented a fascinating challenge. Coca-Cola required a solution to distribute their drink products directly from their business to the adjacent railroad network. With a massive 26,000m² warehouse, the new extension facility will allow the manufacturer to stock products on their platform and seamlessly transport them to the rail network, which would significantly enhance their production operation’s efficiency.

Throughout the project, our team gained valuable insights into train specifications and track engineering. We extend our gratitude to Coca-Cola, Michael, their Railise teams, and Kimi from K Design for their exceptional collaboration and teamwork.

We are grateful for this opportunity and look forward to future collaborations!

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