Are Sprinklers Necessary in Boarding Houses?

12 Oct, 2023 |

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Do we need sprinklers in a Boarding House? In many cases, sprinklers are not required in a boarding house, however this does depend on the number of levels of the building and a suitable provision of means of egress. Generally speaking, a boarding house in a low-rise building with more than one exit may well not require a sprinkler system.

Understanding the Requirements
Do boarding houses require sprinkler systems? This is a question that has often cropped up among proprietors and safety inspectors. Sprinklers may not be mandatory in every boarding house, but their requirement depends on certain factors.

The Role of Building Structure and Design
The vertical extent of a boarding house plays a vital role in determining the need for sprinklers. Low-rise buildings, which typically are not as tall as skyscrapers or multistorey apartment complexes, have their own set of safety considerations. Additionally, the provision of exit routes, or means of egress, is another crucial factor. A boarding house that boasts multiple exits can facilitate rapid evacuation during emergencies, potentially diminishing the necessity for sprinklers.

To Sprinkle or Not To Sprinkle?
In a practical scenario, a boarding house located within a low-rise building and equipped with more than one exit might not need to invest in a sprinkler system. However, it’s always advised for boarding house operators to consult local safety regulations and codes to ascertain the exact requirements for their specific situation.

Final Thoughts
While safety equipment like sprinklers can provide an added layer of security, it’s essential to weigh the costs and benefits, keeping in mind the architectural and design specifics of the boarding house. By understanding and adhering to local safety codes, boarding house proprietors can ensure both the safety of their residents and compliance with local regulations.

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